"What do you mean, every time I begin to make my own Clan, I would say that every time other cats appears to my sight, I would probably just ask them that i need my permanent space"
— Froststar to Crowsong in NightClan Prophecy

Description Edit

Froststar is a blue-gray and white she-cat with mixed up green and blue yes, has a scar on her fourth head.

Extra Story Edit

"WHAT ON STARCLAN IS GOING ON!" She said, "Froststar!" Claws said, "Nothing..." he said, "I saw you abusing your own son" Froststar looked at Claws "But Froststar, I don't even like him!", "Well you should" Crowkit looked at the blue she-cat, "Froststar" he walked behind, Claws starts to take a deep breath and growls, he jump high and Froststar hits him hard, Claws mewed loud, "You can't, it's over now" Froststar starred and walked off, "Crowkit, you got me to trouble" Claws hissed, "I don't care about that" Crowkit hissed back, "Your just a bad father!" Claws gasp, "Go to the barn, NOW!" Crowkit continues hissing and walked away.

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