"AMBERKIT! STOP IT, I didn't do nothing, why are you soooo mean!"
— Specklekit to Amberkit in The Untold Truth

Description Edit

Speckledust is a tabby brown tom with light green eyes.

Extra Story Edit

Speckledust, known as Specklekit, was born to Froststar and had two siblings, Amberkit and Hollykit, his sister Amberkit hates him because he is cheating of the game, she wakes him up at night and tells him to go outside and sleep, keeps hitting him, calling names "AMBERKIT! STOP THIS THIS ONCE!" Froststar said, "MAMA, why would he be born like a little crybaby!" Amberkit yelled at her mother, "Do not yell at me Amberkit, you know how to stop teasing your brother" Froststar answered, "MAMA, HE SUCH A PIPSQUEAK!" She said "ENOUGH, go back to the leaders den, NOW!" Amberkit rushed into the den "Mama, is she really hates me?" Specklekit said, "No, sweetie, she just angry" Froststar said.

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